Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Vintage French Chicken Feeder, Apples, & Tiny Tapers.....An Autumn Centerpiece... Grain Sack Dog Beds, and more....

I hope you had a great week....
Just a warning this is a very random post.... 
I recently found this vintage french chicken feeder....
It will make it's way to the shop sometime next week : (
I knew I wanted to create fall centerpiece with it using apple votives when I found it....
I have shown on my blog two different ways to use apple votives for fall.....
This ended up looking a little different then I intended, when the kids and I got started making these we realized we didn't have tealight candles.... So we used tiny tapers....

All we did was set the candle on the apple to figure out the diameter of the base of the apple....
We used a Martha Stewart Craft Knife and cut some of the apple out from the core of the apple...
We made sure to keep the hole the same diameter as the candle or your candle will not stay in place.
We made our holes about one inch and a half deep....

My favorite candles to use during this time of year are Williams and Sonoma's tiny tapers....
Next week I will share images of how I have used these tiny tapers in the past along with images of 
different ways to use apple votives....


I wanted to share a few images I recently shot of our dog beds/floor pillows that my sister Liz designed and made last spring..... 

I think they are so cute, and I love the way my sister designed them....
The dog beds are machine washable : )
The grain sacks are made from hemp linen, which is a very forgiving fabric to use around the house....
They clean up really nice.....


I am giving away....
1 vintage french linen sheet....
Two stand pillow cases made with vintage french linen....
The winner also gets to choose a market basket from our shop.....
I wanted to share a few ways I use the vintage french linens.....
I use them to cover our comforters in our home, instead of duvets.....
I also use them to cover our white couches....
It makes it easier to just throw the sheets in the wash vs. the slipcovers....
I have also become obsessed with using the sheets for making our standard pillow slips....
They are so nice to sleep on....

Here I used a vintage french sheet to recover this ottoman....
(I had this done I do no know how to recover furniture myself)

My mom made this lampshade using a portion of a vintage french linen sheet....
I loved the monogram on this particular sheet and sent my mom the scraps to use to make a lampshade....

These are examples of the market baskets we have in the shop.....

I have one of these at each door to catch all the shoes : )
I should say some of the shoes....

To enter the giveaway you can visit
Thank you Melaine!


I recently was lucky enough to get to photograph this sweet little girl picking vegetables in their beautiful garden.....
The Nicolazzi's are from Italy and live on a horse ranch in Grass Valley, they train reining and working cow horses....
They have created a beautiful place to live.....
I can't wait to share more images from this shoot with you.....
I will also be adding this market basket that Aurora is holding to my shop next week.....


The kids and I are headed to Burbank tomorrow to watch my husband compete in a 
I thought I would share a few images I shot of my husband showing horses this summer....

My husband is one of those people that truly has a gift with training horses.....
Thad grew up on a cattle ranch in Montana, we lived only 20 minutes from each other and went to the same school....

He has a special touch with animals and is very humble about his God given talents.....
He even worked on training our pet bison to ride : )
(Unfortunately we no longer have Leonard.....)

We won't be back until Monday, so I won't be able to ship out any shop orders until Tuesday, I am sorry for the inconvenience.....
I have so many fun french farmhouse products to list in the shop.....
I can't wait to share them with you....
I will be listing everything the first week of November.....
Have a wonderful week!
Take Care,
dreamywhites (instagram)


  1. love all the photos today! how adorable is your sweet lil dog? and good luck to your husband this weekend!

  2. I love, love, love the dog bed! It is absolutely adorable. Your pictures are always amazing Maria, hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Admiring your beautiful shop and blog from across the pond. Love the fringe on your hubby's trousers. I have a colleague in Arizona this week and one of the girls asked her to bring back a cowboy for her! :-)

  4. Cute french bulldog...I love
    Have a nice day

  5. I had no idea you guys had grown up in MT! I grew up on a farm outside of Great Falls. I love your shop and your photography - good look with the NRHA competition this weekend!

  6. Beautiful post! And I love the dog pillow.


  7. I totally need one of those doggy/floor pillows! :)

  8. Oh Maria! Those dog beds are so precious! i've been meaning to buy (make?) a bed for our pups for our living room, but dog beds are usually so hideous. This one is beautiful! I love it!

  9. Maria, your dog pets are too adorable! I no longer have a pup, but I might need one of these anyway! Your giveaway is too exciting, I've signed up already. Good luck in Burbank - are you going to hit Disneyland when you are there?

  10. Lovely photos Maria...I am sure it is hard to part with such gorgeous finds! At least you get to enjoy them for a short while ;)
    Those dog beds are amazing....I must know if they are washable though - wouldnt last long in our home clean haha.
    Have a great time in Burbank this weekend - it is supposed to be lovely weather!!

  11. Phenomenal photos Miss Maria!! :) I love the apple center piece with the candles - what a great idea!! I love my French Market basket from you and keep gazing at it hanging on my coat hooks! It will be making an appearance on my blog hopefully next week. ;) I want to get some fall flowers first. Best wishes with the horse show and have a great weekend.. enjoy!

  12. Love the chicken feeder. I am always keen to see vintage items used in a different way from their original purpose and I also like agricultural items so found this particularly appealing.

  13. This is such a great post filled with so many goodies and great ideas. I would love one of those dog beds...does the cute puppy come with it?! I saw the market basket on Melaine's blog, I love it! I think I'm in the mood for some shopping!


  14. I love random posts and pretty things! I hope you're having a sweet week.

    : )

    Julie M.

  15. Always enjoy my visits over here with you, very inspiring! Wish you were closer and I could hire your services.

    Enjoy your weekend! I love anything horse related.My husband is also from Montana though he didn't live on a Ranch.Wish we did now!

    The Dog bed is fabulous! I may just need one.

    ~Cheers & Blessings Kim

  16. Seriously LOVE that dogbed. Everything about it - your dog is too adorable! I have a cute and crazy Whippet. Have a great day!

  17. Hi Maria,
    I always look forward to your blog posts. I love the dog bed and will be watching for them to be in your shop. I received my double handle market basket and it is beautiful.
    Good luck to your husband this weekend. Where you live looks so amazing and peaceful.

  18. Very nice and I'm glad that you mentioned the tapers, as I need some and now know where to find them!

    Your dog bed is fabulous and I'm off to check the giveaway...

  19. It may be random to you but it's such a wonderful post, I enjoyed every bit of it!! Good Luck to your Hubby this Week end!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  20. Love the dog bed! Wish we had a dog so I could buy one from you. Great pictures of Thad and the horses! Just thinking of your buffalo brings up lots of memories and makes me laugh!


  21. I love the mix of rustic wood and white linen!!! And the dog bed!! Just need a dog..:)
    Thanks for all the inspiration!
    Take care

  22. What a nice blog you have, I have been right when logged follower, you might find it fun to follow me


  23. Maria, that is such a great looking dog bed. I wish my dog would lie on one. She prefers the back of the sofa. I was just checking your blog roll and I am so honored to be on you list. My mouth literally dropped open. Thanks so much.


  24. mariiiiiiiia (i am singing your name opera style, btw). i will never tire of your breathtaking photography and subject matter. dreamy, fo sho.

    hope you'll stop by when you have a moment.

    smiles to you.


  25. Lovely photos!! The dog beds are amazing. Have a nice day. / Anna

  26. Great post and pictures Maria! I was looking for Dog Beds for Large Dogs when I came across your blog and I'm definitely happy I did because I loved all these photos. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  27. LOve the blog and need to see more!
    Newest follower, glad to have found you! Hope to see you visit and follow too!

  28. Beautiful photos plus beautiful lady and cute little girl.