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An Interview with Christina Strutt and a Cabbages and Roses Sponsored Giveaway

Hello Everyone!
I hope you are all having a great day.
I have a very special interview with the talented Christina Strutt, who is also the founder of Cabbages and Roses, and the author of the inspiring book, At Home with Country.

Cabbages and Roses is also sponsoring a very generous giveaway, for one lucky reader.
How would you like a chance to win a lovely Cabbages and Roses tablecloth along with a set of 6 napkins?
Thank you Cabbages and Roses for sponsoring such a generous giveaway.
You will find the giveaway information at the bottom of this post.

First I would like to share my interview with Christina Strutt. Christina has authored four internationally successful books under the Cabbages &Roses brand since launching the company in 2000. Her fifth book titled, Cabbages & Roses At Home with Country, published by CICO Books, was released in March (North America) and April (United Kingdom) 2010. The book showcases the romantic, classic and versatile design sensibilities of the brand, as Christina transforms urban, country and beachside dwellings into havens of comfort and beauty.

What inspired you to write your wonderful new book At Home with Country?

Cabbages & Roses are well known for their dreamy faded floral prints and people automatically assume they fit perfectly into country cottages, we wanted to show that our prints and fabrics slip very happily into any situation – a city apartment, a beach house, a houseboat on the River Thames really almost anywhere!

In your book, At Home With Country, you have shown us that your fabric
designs can look fabulous in any style of home. Do you have a favorite
style of home that you prefer to work with?

At the moment I like a challenge i.e. it is very easy to make a beautiful room in a perfect country cottage, I am enjoying the challenge of designing fabrics to furnish a stately home or a minimalist modern city apartment or a wooden shed! In short I like doing the unexpected and stretching the boundaries.

A lot of us dream of living in an old English styled country home, but reality is we live in a new home. How do you give a new home a feeling of being an old English styled country home?

By doing away with straight lines and perfect finishes – I once did up a home which was 15th century but we made a lot of new additions so we had to make the new bits look old – we rounded off the plaster finishes and made them imperfect, we sanded areas on the new stone steps so that they looked worn – basically somehow knock off the smart edges! Wallpaper is a great help in softening hard lines, historic paint colours with their subtle tones and fill with vintage artifacts.

In your opinion what is the right way to decorate with whites in an English country style home?

By using different tones of white – Farrow & Ball have many versions of white – chalky white, old white, strong white – all the white tones used in different areas have a lovely effect. White is a very dramatic colour when used in an expansive way. By adding vintage or antique white textiles, such as the old hand woven French sheets, adds lovely texture and a sense of history. We very often wash products that have been made for us and dry them out in the fresh air – we never iron our textiles, they have a lovely pre-loved quality after washing. Whatever advice I give the ultimate quest is for a relaxed attitude. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and boundaries and rules are broken, I encourage you to do the same. If you love it – go for it!

What do you think is the biggest mistake people make when decorating their homes with whites?

To forget that a room needs layers and texture and for a really Cabbages & Roses look, pieces of vintage furniture. The biggest mistake is to never expect to make a mistake. The best interior decorators make mistakes too – if you learn from your mistake then it will be worth while. If you continue to make the same mistake then I would perhaps give up!

Do you have a favorite paint color that you find works really well as a
backdrop, when decorating with whites?

My all time favourite paint colour is strong white from Farrow & Ball – it works with all our fabrics whether they are on a white ground or a natural linen ground. It has a chalky grey hue and is quite perfect.

Has designing always been a lifelong passion of yours?

I think so. Very often what I really wanted didn’t exist so I got it made or made it myself. I think this is what Cabbages & Roses has become – it is certainly how it started. When I was an interior decorator, the fabrics that I really loved were the old faded fabrics that I found in antique shops – these were usually small scraps but so beautiful. With this gap in the market we filled it by reproducing fabrics – ready faded.

The clothing side of the business has grown for the same reason – the inability to find clothes that I liked!

Do you have a favorite Cabbages and Roses design?

Strangely, it is still the very first fabric that we produced – Bees. It had somewhat fallen off my radar recently, but I noticed it the other day and completely fell in love with it all over again.

Do you have a favorite rose?

The Constance Spry is one of my favourites (I have many) but it is prolific and beautifully scented and old fashioned.

What is the one thing you hope readers will walk away with after reading your inspiring book, At Home with Country?

That Cabbages & Roses really does fit in anywhere, whatever type of house you live in, there will be a place to incorporate Cabbages & Roses.

Thank you Christina Strutt!

Christina's book, At Home with Country, is such an inspirational book, there are so many beautiful images in the book! I hope you enjoyed the interview!

Giveaway information!!
Cabbages and Roses will be giving away a lovely Cabbages and Roses tablecloth and 6 napkins to one lucky reader.
Valued at $185.00

You get to choose from three different Cabbages and Roses patterns, Natural Raspberry, Tulip and Rose, and or Cerise Hatley.
All of their linens are beautiful!

The giveaway will end June 15th at midnight p.s.t.
The winner will be announced June 16th.
Random number will be used to pick the winner.
You must leave a separate comment for each entry to count.

1.To enter the giveaway all you need to do is visit The Cabbages and Roses website, and decide which one of these three patterns is your favorite,
If you click on each name it will take you to the Cabbages and Roses Website, and you can view that particular pattern. Then please come back here and leave a comment on which print is your favorite.

2. If you want to Post about the giveaway on your blog or on any of your social networking sites (such as twitter or facebook) then that counts as another entry. If you posted about the giveaway on more than one social networking site, then please leave a separate comment for each one. That way you get an extra entry for each one of your postings.

Good Luck!

Thank you Christina Strutt for the interview and for sponsoring such a generous giveaway.
I feel very honored to have been given this opportunity.
You are so talented and an inspiration to us all.

Here are a few links for Cabbages and Roses, I thought you might enjoy..


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Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful.
I love Natural Raspberry, it's my favorite.
Warm regards!

carolina @ patagonia gifts said...

such a great giveaway. I adore cabbages and roses. natural raspberry is my fave!

carolina @ patagonia gifts said...

I've tweeted about it! :)

Lacy said...

Hmmmm, naturaul rasberry!!

conne lou said...

Great interview and wonderful giveaway.....My favorite pattern is "Cerise Hatley

Unknown said...

I would love Cerise Hatley and I absolutely love Ms. Strutt's work. Good luck to everyone;)

Samantha @ The Douangphilas said...

tulips and rose is my fav! How pretty!!

Dora said...

All of the prints are great but I'd love the Cerise Hatley. Where may I purchase these fabrics in the U.S.A...thank you

Brook said...

Great interview and what a generous giveaway! All three Cabbages and Roses tablecloths are beautiful, but my favorite is Natural Raspberry.

Skippitydodaday said...

I pick Tulip & Rose, please.

Cindy said...

Hi Maria, I would love the Natural Raspberry. There are some great products over at C & R.
Thank you for the chance to win the tablecloth and napkins.
Hugs, Cindy S

Hen Jen said...

beautiful book, and beautiful patterns! I hopped over, and I like the cerise hatley best, I think.

Giulia said...

I have linked your giveaway to my blog, I love the Natural Raspberry!!!
I cross my fingers

Hen Jen said...

I just tweeted this contest here;

@ hen jen ca (push it all together)

great giveaway!

Jan @ BellaCasa said...

Oh, if I must pick only one it would have to be Tulip and Rose.

My fingers are crossed.

Jan @ BellaCasa

Lesley said...

It is almost impossible to pick a favourite, but I would probably choose Natural Raspberry. Very difficult choice!

Jen said...

I put this giveaway in my sidebar with a link back to it..I hope that counts!

MyBellaCasa has moved to Mavrik Lane said...

I've added a link on my blog for the Cabbage and Roses Giveaway.


Vintage Girl said...

Such a difficuly decision but I think naturla raspberry is my favourite.

Vintage Girl said...

Such a difficuly decision but I think naturla raspberry is my favourite.

Holly @ BeachCoveJewelry said...

What a great giveaway! My favorite is the Natural Raspberry!

the jilted ballerina said...

I've been so inspired... I'm redoing my entire bedroom. Hope I win these lovely linens. Natural Raspberry for me.

Unknown said...

What a nice interview. I think my favorite of those three would be 'Cerise Hatley'.
Please enter me in your giveaway.

pccraven said...

Am Loving the Natural always a wonderful post Maria, love reading them.

pccraven said...

Am Loving the Natural always a wonderful post Maria, love reading them.

Donna @ Paisley and Perspective said...

Absolutely beautiful and very hard to choose! I think I'd have to go with the Natural Raspberry! What a great giveaway!

And if you are interested, I'm having a giveaway over of my blog too:

Shell said...

Oh n=my, I have just discovered your blog and I just love it! Not sure if I am in time for the Cabbages and Roses giveaway but Natural Rapberry is my favourite and I enjoyed all of the eye candy anyway.

Shell said...

Oh n=my, I have just discovered your blog and I just love it! Not sure if I am in time for the Cabbages and Roses giveaway but Natural Rapberry is my favourite and I enjoyed all of the eye candy anyway.

Erin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Erin said...

Love Cabbages and Roses! My favorite is the tulips and roses pattern.

vintagejunker said...

I love your blog and your giveaway too! What a great interview, I would LOVE to win the Natural Raspberry. I am currently making my daughter a bag from the Romantic Home Sewing book by Christina, how fitting! Thanks for all your inspiring posts!

Frau Mayer said...

OMG, count me in, quick :)

Kerry @ Cottage on the Hill said...

I loved reading your interview, the book looks gorgeous, I will have to find a copy to add to my collection.

Stacey said...

oooooooOOOOooooo sooo pretty! I would love to win the natural raspberry! sweet giveaway, thanks Maria and Cabbage and Roses.

jms said...

Hello, my favorite is Tulip and Rose. love Coby

Arlene said...

Thanks for sharing this. Her stuff is just gorgeous. My favorite is the Natural Raspberry design. Love it!

Beth said...

Love the Natural Raspberry, but all of them are absolutely beautiful!!

Lulu and Co. said...

It's always a treat to visit... loved reading the interview, gaining tips and now wanting to rush out for the must get book to pour through by the pool.

Lisa said...

Love the natural raspberry! I hope I win:)

pcheainfo said...

Raspberry! Oh, these are so pretty. And I must tell you, I LOVE your hydrangeas!!!!

Melissa said...

Great interview, great giveaway! I love the natural rasberry pattern.

Karen said...

I think tulip and roses is my favorite, lavender is my new favorite color! Thanks for the giveaway!!

Lady said...

Love love this book. Just bought it! Natural Raspberry has to be my favourite! Have just now found your blog ,count me in as a new follower from Texas!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Stunning fabrics, my favourite is Natural Rasberry. Elizabeth (Aus)

Unknown said...

I love the tulip and rose pattern - it's lovely.

Anonymous said...

I first 'discovered' Cabbages and Roses when I starting reading the British Country Living. She is a hugely talented artistic lady. If I do win, the natural raspberry would be my choice, though they are all beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity!

Luvdaylilies said...

Wonerful, wonderful pieces!
I'd choose the Tulip & Rose~perfect for my dining room=)
Luvdaylilies at bellsouth dot net

Monica said...

I love love your flowers! I am quite envious. Love the beautiful country and cows in the background.
love ya

Deenie said...

love the natural raspberry

cammy@freckledfarm said...

I have been a huge fan of Christina Strutt for a long time. Love her style and adore all of her fabrics. I love the Cerise Hatley pattern especially. Thanks for the opportunity!

the fishermans cottage said...

Lovley blog Maria, I would have to say Cerise Hartley :)x

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