Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A sneak peek into my bedroom makeover

Hello everyone!
How are you?
I can't tell you how much I have missed all of you!
I first want to say thank you to everyone who left me such kind comments about my cupboard.
I really appreciate everyone who took the time to leave me such kind comments.
You all know how to make a girl feel special!

I am going to be away from my computer all of this week too.  My kids are in 4-H and we raise show steers, so I will be gone to the fair all week with my family!
So I just wanted to say hello to everyone and share a few pictures of my bedroom with all of you.
I will FINALLY be showing you pictures of my bedroom next week!
Yes it is actually finished, I am sorry it has taken me so long!

I am just going to show you a few glimpses of items in my room that I haven't shown you yet.

I hope you are all having a great week!
I miss you all!
Take Care,

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My blue cupboard & I am in Bologna, Italy today, guest posting for Gaia

Hello Everyone!
I hope you are all having a great week.
I thought I would share a lot of pictures with you today.
I am finally sharing the pictures of my cupboard with all of you.
Sorry it took me so long to complete this post.

This cabinet is my favorite cabinet.
It has been used to store so many things in our home.
It is antique and is supposed to be from Europe.
I am not sure how old the blue paint color is, but that is the color it was when I bought it.
One side of the cabinet wasn't painted so I had the blue paint color matched at Benjamin Moore.
I think they did a great job.
I will share the formula with you at the end of this post.

I couldn't decide what color to paint the inside of the cabinet.
I at first wanted to use a bright white, and then decided to use a subtle gray color.

I first tested a few different whites and grays before making the final decision.

I put my ironstone in the cabinet to see which color would show of my ironstone the best.
I decided against a bright white since the cabinet color itself is so bright.

I ended up using two colors. For my first coat of paint, I used a Kelly Moore paint, named Swiss Coffee, which is a warm white. Then for the second layer I lightly coated a Benjamin Moore paint called Horizon. This horizon color actually looks a lot lighter inside this cabinet then it does on a wall. It is a really pretty gray to use on a wall.
I used a pearl finish. I didn't distress it in anyway. Painting the two different colors gives a bit of a layering effect.
I am really happy with the finished product.

I took a lot of pictures.....

I am also guest posting today over for the sweet Gaia over at Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland.
Gaia posted recently about painting her cupboard on her blog, and I loved what she did to her cupboard, she inspired me to paint the inside of mine!
You can visit Gaia's blog to see another way I use this cupboard.

I hope you all have a great week!
The paint color for the outside of the cabinet was color matched by
Benjamin Moore.
Here is the oil based formula for a quart size can of paint~
Pastel Base~1B
1 1/2 oy
5 bk
2 bb
7 tg
2 wh

P.S. Those grain sacks you see piled in my cupboard are in the process of being turned into fun
pillows and such.....

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Hello Everyone!
I hope you are all having a great weekend!
I want to introduce to you the sweet and talented Irene, she is the author of the blog Valdirose!
Irene's blog is one of the blogs I chose to feature from my last giveaway.

Tell us a little bit about you and your blog?
I have never had an interview before: I would like to thank you Maria know how I feel honoured!
I'm 33 and I have been married for 9 years. I love my family and 2 years ago God has blessed us giving us a beautiful daugther for adoption.
I love meeting new people: it recharges me. I love hearing friends talk expecially when they talk about their passion.

In my blog I try to remind me what I want to teach to my daugther:
love the simple joy, feel good as long as possible and do things with passion even if is only prepare a picnic or a gift wrap.

Where are you from?
I'm from Firenze.  I live in a little village in the hills.

What is your occupation?
I have a bed & breakfast : Valdirose (as the street where it is). Before the arrival of my daugther I had a shop of decoration called " irene b" :I loved it and now my clients are like friends...

How would you describe your style?
probably simple and cozy like my family

What is your favorite room in your home? 

I love my bathroom: prepare the bath for my daugther and smell her perfume 

I love the kitchen and to cook for friends

I love my fireplace and sitting there speaking with my best friend and my husband

Who has been your most influential role model in your life?
 Maria...this is my favourite question: my grandmother Silla is my everyday model.
She was a woman of simple origins but with such a culture and such a love of beauty:
She was able to make even a slice of bread, butter, and sugar look elegant.

How has blogging had an impact on your life?
a lot: I have met many beautiful souls ... As I told you I feel lucky and happy for this.
In the blog I know there is always a good news or a new friendship but also a new cake to prepare.
may sound stupid but sometimes also share a simple recipe is a suggestion for an afternoon of bliss

Irene has a very inspiring blog.

She is also a very sweet and talented person!
All the photos on this post belong to Irene!

Thank you Irene!
I have to apologize for being so absent lately.
My mom is here visiting (and helping me out) which is one of the reasons I have been away from the computer a lot lately!
In my next post I will finally be sharing pictures of my cupboard makeover!
I hope to return to my regular posting and blog visiting very soon.
I have so much I want to share with all of you and
I miss all of you very much.
Thank you for all of your sweet comments.
I can't thank you enough for taking the time to stop in and say hello.
Have a great weekend!
Take Care,

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hello Everyone!
I hope you are all having a great week.
I thought I would share a few of my flea market finds with you.
I found this little cupboard at a flea market this weekend.
When I saw it I knew exactly what I was going to do with it.

I love bar soap and

I thought this rustic cabinet from France would be great for displaying my soaps in.
I am excited because I have found some wonderful handmade lavender bar soaps to carry in my shop as well.

I found this french cake stand at the flea market as well.
I love how the cake stand looks inside this rustic little cabinet.

On another note~
Do you like this zinc pitcher from France?

If you do you, then you should head over to my friend,
Tracey's blog, French Larkspur!
She is having a very generous giveaway over on her blog! She is celebrating a one year blog anniversary!
Congratulations Tracey!!
You will also be able to have a sneak peek of what I will be carrying in my shop!