Tuesday, March 3, 2015

French Inspired Bathroom Remodel, Carrera Marble Subway Tile, Hex Tile, and a French Stone Sink

We recently remodeled our bathroom and I thought I would share a few images with you.
I have been sharing the entire renovation of the bathroom on my instagram,
My husband and I remodeled it ourselves and had a lot of fun working on it together.
We installed carrera marble subway tile four feet up on the walls and carrera marble hex tile for the floor.  We then put the original wood planks that we discovered under the drywall back on the walls.
We first planed the planks and added tongue and groove joints to each board.
For the ceiling we used the original wood floors we found under layers of carpet, linoleum, and carpet. 
My husband turned the boards into bead board by adding a groove down the center of each board.

The vintage French door still needs to be hung on a barn door sliding track.

The faucet is a Rohl Faucet.

The sink is an antique French stone sink.
When I was in France a year and a half ago, I fell in love with my friend Terry's (Antiques from France) stone sink that was in her house in France.

An image of the bathroom Before 

I will be sharing more pictures of the bathroom soon.
You can see more before and after images on instagram at DreamyWhitesLifestyle.
Hope you all have a great day!
Take Care,