Saturday, March 20, 2010

photo by me

I want to share 3 great blogs with all of you!

I love farmhouse kitchens, and hope to have one in my home someday. Until that time comes I love to admire my blogging friends' kitchens. All three of these girls have great kitchens.

The first blog is

Tina lives in the cutest home in Australia

I love Tina's chalk board wall in her kitchen. Great idea Tina!

Love her farmhouse sink.

If you have a chance stop by
and say Hi to the talented Tina, she is a real sweetheart. Thanks Tina for your friendship.

Next up is the

Janice from Canadian Cottage has the sweetest little Cottage.

Janice also has a farmhouse kitchen.

I love her sink and faucet. I LOVE farmhouse sinks!
Janice bought her cabinets and sink from Ikea. (I happen to love Ikea, and have to admit my heart races when I step foot into this store)

Love this kitchen, and I love those floors!

If you have a chance hop on over to
and say hi to the talented and sweet Janice!

Then there is my friend Lulu from Dusty Lu Interiors. It just so happens that Lulu is an interior designer. I bet you couldn't tell??? I love Lulu's style! I love her photographs as well.
Take a look at her kitchen and home!

Photo Courtesy of Dusty Lu Interiors
So what do you think? I am pretty sure you are thinking what I am thinking!!!
If you want to see more of Lulu's home
click on the link below & I know you want to see more!

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!
I just want to thank all of you for all of your sweet comments you left about my kids. You all made my day. My kids loved reading them as well! Thank You! You all really know how to make a girl feel special!

Oh and before I forget my talented friend Ness is having another giveaway! She is giving away two pillow slips from her shop. You get to choose! I just bought 3 pillow cases from Ness and LOVE them. Her pillows look very professional. I will be doing a post on these in the near future.
She is also giving away a set of her clay tags. The tag below is one Ness made for me. I love it!
If you want a chance to win this great giveaway then you better hop on over to
and sign up!

photo by me


Kerri - Driftwood Interiors said...

Great post. Thanks to you I've now found some great new (to me) blogs to check out, and that's what I love about the blogging community - where else would you meet so many like-minded people?
Kerri x

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Maria,
I love all of these kitchens. Do you know why ? Because they are achievable and not those gi-normous impersonal kitchens that cost a small fortune !!
I have the exact same taps in my kitchen as Janice @ Canadian Kitchen although, mine have seen better days and I call them shabby chic now !! haha.
I have already entered Ness's generous giveaway and put it on my sidebar. I chose the same picture as you. That's one of my favourite cushions of hers.
I also have that grey iron planter on Lulu's coffee table and, I am desperate to own a Gustavian clock like the one she has got.
No wonder I like this post....I've got lots of the things in it (although, not enough !!). This is the trouble with blogging. I am always wantinng to re-decorate !!!! XXXX

Anna White said...

Fantastic choice of blogs to share Maria..Tina' is as gorgeous as her beautiful home..if not more gorgeous actually..she is so crafty and clever! I will be sure to check out the other two mentioned as I am not familiar with ..but look forward to visiting. Anna x

Razmataz said...

Maria, I agree, all three are wonderful, homey, gorgeous kitchens with charm and personality. Love them all.

Ness Lockyer said...

Thanks Maria for mentioning my giveaway and for showing the tag. You are so very sweet. I love all of those blogs, especially Tinas. She is just beautiful.
Ness xx

Ness Lockyer said...

Thanks Maria for mentioning my giveaway and for showing the tag. You are so very sweet. I love all of those blogs, especially Tinas. She is just beautiful.
Ness xx

Little Emma English Home said...

True Maria, these bloggers are very gifted about interiors and some of the photo already inspired me for my upcoming home!! Especially the Ikea kitchen:I chose all my furniture at Ikea, it's cheap but very nice and has this nordic style that we all love so much..I will show you as soon as my house is ready, I have so many ideas!!

Have a good Sunday dearest!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Maria,
For introducing us to some new gals. I know Lulu who is one of my fav allies in design! Don't you just want to crawl into the pics of her rooms and stay there??

Maria | Vintage Simple said...

Oh, I'm so glad Tina's beautiful kitchen is featured here..! She is just a lovely human being! And I'm smitten with Janice's kitchen - it's adorable and thrifty, too - so inspiring. Thanks for posting about these wonderful women and homes, Maria!


Mela said...

Nice finds, thanks for sharing! I found many lovely inspirations...
Have a nice Sunday :)

Between You and Me said...

love this post...LOVE farmhouse kitchens also.....

Happy Sunday!

Unknown said...

Someday I will have a white kitchen. I love subway tile(just did both my bathrooms) and farm sinks. Thanks for all the new blogs to go to. This is why I don't get anything done!
Enjoy your Sunday.

claudia said...


Thank you for sharing these pictures. Love them. I also enjoy reading and looking at you beautiful blog. We just recently renovated our kitchen. My favorite thing about our kitchen is the farmer's sink and the tin plates under the sink.
THanks again for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing these awesome links with all of us...I have some reading to do~ Enjoy your Sunday!

Yvonne said...



Farmgirl Paints said...

I really love the glass vase and swedish clock. Such eye candy...thanks for sharing:)

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

Love all these nice to see someone else from Canada in the spotlight! Hope this finds you well,Chrissy

Anonymous said...

Those are all fabulous kitchens! We can dream can't we? I love looking at other blogs and take a peak into other peoples lives; It's so much fun! Marcia

Unknown said...

Such beautiful pictures! We have a huge antique farmhouse sink that you might enjoy seeing. You can look at our kitchen "tour" here:
There are still old sinks out there that can be refurbished~ we *love* ours!

Thanks for the wonderful decorating inspiration (done so affordably!) I've enjoyed getting to know you here!


Brandy said...

I'm in LOVE with all three kitchens! And a farmhouse sink gets me every time!

We're getting ready to make some changes in our kitchen, so I've been seeking out inspiration. Thanks for sharing, Maria!

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

I really enjoyed your post. All of the kitchens are beautiful and it is so great of you to showcase so many talented people.

Kare said...

Thanks for sharing the beautiful blogs Maria!! Just like Dreamy Whites, Dusty Lu is among my all time favorites - she always has such amazingly beautiful posts!

I really like what you did with the clay pretty!


Miss Mustard Seed said...

Oh, it's all so beautiful!

DustyLu said...

Thank you Maria for posting about my blog today! You are so kind and talented. I am honored to be on your post today. I am glad we have become friends! You are truely and inspiration to us all. Thank you again! ~lulu

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

Hi Maria-
I love lulu and Tin'a blog, such wonderful reads and they are both just so nice and genuine! So glad you mentioned Janice, it's wonderful to be introduced to a new find! Hope your having a great weekend.
Take care-

The Plum Life said...

Thank you Maria! What perfect timing...I'm in a kitchen groove right now as we are building our new old farmhouse...I just started a series of kitchen posts myself. I love certain details from each lovely home. What a delight!

white shelves...farmhouse sinks...cross handle faucets...subway tiles...wood floors...chalkboard feature...JUST PERFECT!!!

Thanks for the introductions!!!


C.J. said...

you are quite the photographer, and your children are so dang cute! The whole family is, :) enjoy your day.

Janice said...

Hi Maria!
What a nice suprise to see this today. It was so sweet of you to include me with Tina and Lulu. They are both SO talented and I love their homes. I adore Tina's farmhouse kitchen and she is such a kind person too. Lulu has an amazing home, straight out of a magazine. Have a wonderful day,

Anne Lorys said...

Hey there, "Me"!
That photo by "me" is pretty darn awesome! I know you have an awful lot of beauty to choose from to photograph in your home, but it also takes a good eye, and you most definitely have that. :-)

You're in my blog roll too, my friend! You've been there for awhile, but yours and a few others poofed on me this weekend .... stupid blogger has a mind of its own!

Love ya!

Unknown said...

great pictures, i love the farmhouse sink and those floors are fantastic! have a nice day! susan

Unknown said...

Hello Maria! I can always count on you for great inspiration!! Thank you for sharing these blogs with us...I'm not familiar with the first one, so I will definitely check it out! I too am dying to put a farmhouse sink in my kitchen! Hope your weekend is going good :)

Hugs ~

:) T

p.s. your children are beautiful!!!

Deb said...

Hi Maria, love all three of these blogs and kitchens! Such sweet and amazingly talented women, great feature! Deb

MÃ¥rsArt said...

Lovely blog! Beautiful pictures!
Will return.
Have a nice week,

love lives in the kitchen said...

dear maria,
i found you via dustylu and i felt immediately in love with your blog! all the pictures are lovely and your selection of places is just perfect! i love your style!
i'm following you now so be sure that i will come back soon!
sending you hugs from milan,

Marianne said...

Wow, pretty blogs! Thanks for the tips I'll surely go visit them.

Anonymous said...

Hey Maria,
I agree Tina's blog is just gorgeous. I am now off to check out the others you have shown us.
Have a fabulous day!

Sarah B said...

They all look so gorgeous - I'll be following them all very soon! The certainly give me inspiration for my future kitchen reno :)

Tina said...

Morning sweet Maria! What a lovely surprise and start to my Monday to see our kitchen featured on your blog. THANK YOU:) I am so incredibly thrilled to be included in a post with Janice and Lulu, two of my absolute favourite bloggers, both with gorgeous homes that I love! I am so happy you like our kitchen and I know that with your incredible sense of style you will have the kitchen of your dreams in no time (maybe someone out there knows of a farmhouse sink they can point you towards?)- I can't wait to see your kitchen when you are done:) Thank you for being such a sweetheart and for your friendship. Wishing you and your gorgeous family a wonderful day! ~ Tina xx

Jeanne Oliver said...

I love the farmsink with the curtain under sweet. I have been wanting a Swedish clock for many years now..maybe someday. Thanks for sharing the blogs.

Gaia said...

Hi Darling,
you've just won my las giveaway!
Please send me as soon as possible your address and details at

Thanks for participating...

BTW...I love the 3 kitchens even if my fav is Dusty Lu's!

WhisperWood Cottage said...

Those are three very inspiring kitchens! The farmhouse sinks and wood floors are fabulous!!

LuluD said...

Hi, Since I'm blog obsessed, I appreciate you sharing so many wonderful ones. Of course, I have to follow Lulu's blog. I'm adding it to my list. :-)

Tricia said...

Lovely kitchens, lovely blogs...I already love DustyLu and am off to check out the others.

Unknown said...

All of the kitchens are beautiful and these are three of my favourite blogs.. and I love Ness' blog and her beautiful creations. xx

Donatella said...

Very sweet of you to post for my sister LuLu from DustyLu; she was so happy and thankful too. What fun : )

Such a beautiful family you have!

Amanda said...

I love Tina and Janice's blogs too - they both have such lovely homes. I haven't visited Dusty Lu so I'll have to pop over there and say hi...

Flaviana said...

Dear Maria
those kitchens are to die for !There are so many beautiful blogs around it's just impossible to keep up.. you have a gift of showing us the creme de la creme here!
Thanks, you are brilliant !!
xxx, Flaviana

Rose Garden Romantic said...

I LOVE white farmhouse kitchens, too!!! I would love to have one someday, also. Those are some great photos you shared! I love all those pretty kitchens and I really love the farmhouse sinks!

Lisa said...

Wonderful post. I love the white too, but the last one you showed, LuLu I think. She has a blast of black in there & I think that just makes it all pop & look amazing. Love those sinks too. I'm getting one from Ikea, so glad they are only 200 there. I agree about the faucets too, funny they are more than the sinks! I think I have to steal that clay tag idea. I've been doing clay buttons lately. Lisa

Donna Reyne' said...

I had recently found the Canadian cottage. It is amazing...I love it!
You too are a new blog for me...And I am so glad I found you both!
I love the real life, simple elgance that your homes have in common!
Have a beautiful and inspired day!

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Shining Windows said...

thanks so much for sharing these lovely blogs! checking them out now!

krys kirkpatrick said...

Lovely post. It looks like my beach house here in the San Juan Islands in Washington state!

Beatnheart said...

I love your music and beautiful photos..How beautiful is your must be so proud..Cynthia Wolff

Tina said...

Love those details. It looks comfortable let me feel like home.