Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Special Guest Post Today.... Maria of the Blog Rusty Hinge!

Hello everyone!  My name is Maria from Rusty Hinge.  I live in a hundred year old farmhouse in the countryside of northern Michigan with my husband, Karl.  I love interior design, gardening, re-purposing and collecting anything old! 

{Photography and Styling by Maria of Rusty Hinge}

When I first started my blog last spring, I never imagined all the dear friends I would make through blogging.  What a wonderful ride this has been.There are really no words to describe my gratitude for all the encouragement I have received!  Thank-you, Maria, for all of your support along the way and for helping me step out into blogging.  I am honored to be a guest on your lovely blog today.  I think it's safe to say I can speak for everyone here that your blog is a true inspiration for us.  And you are as sweet as you are talented!

{Photography and Styling by Maria of Rusty Hinge}

With spring right around the corner and all the Christmas decor packed up for another year, I would love to share a couple Valentine inspired ideas with you.

 {Photography and Styling by Maria of Rusty Hinge}

My Valentine tree is merely several red branches stuffed into an old french stone pot.  I hung red crochet and tin bucket heart ornaments onto the branches.

{Photography and Styling by Maria of Rusty Hinge}

{Photography and Styling by Maria of Rusty Hinge}

{Photography and Styling by Maria of Rusty Hinge}

{Photography and Styling by Maria of Rusty Hinge}

{Photography and Styling by Maria of Rusty Hinge}

{Photography and Styling by Maria of Rusty Hinge}

{Photography and Styling by Maria of Rusty Hinge}

I especially love to decorate seasonally with whatever I have laying around.  I would pick up these vintage tin cookie cutters here and there, and soon had a jar full.  Many where heart-shaped, so I thought why not throw them into my old dough trencher for a table centerpiece!

{Photography and Styling by Maria of Rusty Hinge}

{Photography and Styling by Maria of Rusty Hinge}

{Photography and Styling by Maria of Rusty Hinge}

{Photography and Styling by Maria of Rusty Hinge}

{Photography and Styling by Maria of Rusty Hinge}

{Photography and Styling by Maria of Rusty Hinge}

{Photography and Styling by Maria of Rusty Hinge}

{Photography and Styling by Maria of Rusty Hinge}

Thank-you for taking time to read through my little post.  And a huge thank-you to Maria for inviting me.  It has been a real treat!

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Maria ~Rusty Hinge

{Photography and Styling by Maria of Rusty Hinge}

Thank you Maria of the RUSTY HINGE!

I hope you get a chance to visit Maria's blog....
SHe is very talented....
I think Maria and I pretty much love all of the same things...
I was excited to meet someone else that loves red striped grain sacks as much as I do : )
I will be back with a few more images of my living room....
Take Care,
Maria Carr : )


Haus Nummer 13 said...

Love it!!!


Lars John Anderson said...

two Marias with amazing talent :) I am featuring Maria's work on my blog tomorrow too... what a sweetie and a bonus that she's from my beloved Michigan :)

Have a great week! Thanks to you both for sharing the Valentine's cheer :)


Lynne said...

This post, on this blog, makes me smile big!You are both the dearest, the sweetest, and the most inspiring friends!

Urban Farmgirl said...

So pretty!! I am so glad you introduced me to her! I am off to explore her blog!

And I can't believe 2 Marias with such similar style and great taste...can the world handle this! Lol!

All the photos are just so beautiful!


Fresh Vanilla For C said...

I love Maria,both of them actually. She is really a talent and her blog is great. She was my first non-friend follower on my blog;)

Unknown said...

simplicity and this pics!

SwedishCorner ~ DownUnder...Pernilla said...

Absolutely beautiful!
...heading over to her blog now to take a look :)

Greetings from Australia♥

foreverdecorating said...

Really awesome.

pure Viefalt said...

Wonderfull impressions.

kind regards

Shelley in SC said...

Ooh . . . just beautiful, rustic ideas. I wish I had that trencher with the cutters. Time to keep my eyes open at the flea market!!

Barefoot in Blue Jeans said...

So simple but so cute.

Sheri said...

Such pretty and cute stuff!!!! Love the Valentine tree.
: )

Vintage Home said...

...such serene beauty! I wonder where she got the heart buckets they are amazing...? the crochet hearts!

Weisser Traum said...

zauberhaft dein herzsammelsurium.
grüässli daniela

Allison said...

A beautiful post! I adore the red crocheted hearts. What a lovely way to decorate for Valentine's Day. The simplicity of it is beautiful.

Jennifer said...

Wonderfully Beautiful! Love the cookie cutters as display.

summersoul said...

I have followed Maria from the beginning as well and she was one of my first followers. She is talented and lovely.


A Cozy Cottage in the City said...

Oh yay! Maria was featured - love her! She is a sweetheart and so talented too! Love these Valentine's Day Decor ideas! :) Have a great weekend!!!


Shauna@Satori Design for Living said...

Absolutely beautiful photos! Going to check out her blog!

Heaven's Walk said...

I'm so glad that you featured Maria M. today, Maria! She and I share so much of the same design style and loves! She shares my grain sack addiction. :) What a sweetie!

xoxo laurie

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

I am a happy follower of Maria's ~ love to visit her and soak up some inspiration!

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

LOVE Marias blog! She is so talented and very sweet! xo

Roeshel said...

Beautiful! Nice to "e-meet" you, Maria!

And Maria - thanks for the introduction! ;) Enjoy your Sunday!

Wonderful Life! said...

Love the cookie cutters in the dough bowl....sweet

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Betty Lee said...

Fabulous guest post! Beautiful styling of the tree and I like those lovely knitted hearts. Electric Curtain Track