Monday, December 24, 2012

Two Special Contributors, Migonis Home and Rusty Hinge

I have two special contributors today......
The first contributor is is Jen Migoni of the blog Migonis Home.
I love Jen's blog and home, and was so excited when she said she would contribute a story for my blog.....

I am sitting at this table all set up and our white large vintage lights lit beside me with a Christmas candle going... my son is sleeping. It feels like a calm, yet fun, Christmas so far. Last year I did a sophisticated natural take on Christmas and this year I decided to use our Restoration Hardware gorgeous blue ornaments, like I do every year, but with a fun twist. My son Drew will be two a few days after Christmas and I wanted to create a childlike atmosphere that he would adore.

When Maria told me she loved my tablescapes I decided to do one in the bonnet blue and red scheme that I have running through our main floor this year. I found the large ornaments at the Dollar Store and spray painted them colors that coordinated with our Advent Calendar.

I think I would find the color scheme too out there for Christmas if it wasn't balanced by a lot of greenery, and even though I love experimenting with fun decorating colors I find myself dreaming of another sophisticated, and calm, Christmas next year with varying tones of white.

I made some hot chocolate, added a little peppermint flavoring with the candy cane, and used that to mount the red napkins (an inexpensive Marshalls find).

Because every cup of hot chocolate should be topped with marshmallows I filled a little parfait glass with the mini version and then surrounded them with decorated sugar cookies (which I have unfortunately already eaten four of!Eeek!).

My husband, AJ, and I just took a weekend away and went to New York City. While there we stopped into Anthropologie and fell in love with their large textured reindeer displays. I found these reindeer at Michaels and then spray painted them to match our decor (and will probably spray paint them white for next year's theme).

I always think it's fun to see a set up from different angles so here are a couple for you...

There you have it: a simple, brightly colored and child friendly tablescape! I'd love for you to stop by Migonis Home and introduce yourself... it would make my day!
Thank you Jen!
I hope you get  a chance to visit Jen's beautiful blog, Migonis Home!

My next contributor is Maria of the blog the Rusty Hinge.....
Maria has a beautiful home and I love her inspirational blog.....

Hello everyone!  My name is Maria from Rusty Hinge.  It is such a pleasure to be here guest posting at Dreamy Whites today!  Thank you, Maria, for inviting me back to share a project.  Your blog is such a treat and your creative talent in both photography and styling is impeccable.  You have an eye for re-purposing new life into the old and vintage (I love, love your grainsack dog beds and tree skirts!)  In doing so, you are such an inspiration to me and others!  
I know we are smack in the middle of the Christmas season, so I shall be short and sweet with my post as I know all of you have presents to wrap, food to prepare, parties to run off to, and maybe some last minute shopping!  But first, may I show you my Favori French mosaic platter?
  Several weeks ago, one of my Favori (meaning "favorite" in French) dishes was broken.  Around the same time, an antique English transferware compote that I purchased online arrived in pieces.  Both were beyond repair and I was extremely disappointed.  Before throwing them both out, I noticed that the red and pink color hues of the two were compatible.  An idea began to form, and I proceeded in making a mosaic from the broken pieces.  
It turned out to be easier than expected although I did hit a few bumps.  I'll share with you some tips so that your experience will be a smooth ride!  I started by purchasing a heavy white serving platter as my base, but you can choose just about any hard surface.  Next, I took a hammer to the broken dishes to break them into smaller pieces.  If you want more precise shapes, use a tile nippers.  
I arranged the broken pieces in the general pattern that I desired with the pink compote pieces bordering along the rim of the platter and the red Favori pieces filling in the center.  I used Weldbond adhesive to attach them to the platter and let dry for a day until each piece was tightly secured.  Next, I began grouting the platter with Mosaic Mercantile grout, picked up at Hobby Lobby.
I advise that you fill an empty spray bottle with water and have a wet rag available during this entire process as the tile grout will need to dry with the proper moisture.  If it does not, the grout will crack.  When this happens simply spray with water and smooth.  After the grout has hardened somewhat, polish all excess grout off the tiles with the wet rag.  I let it cure for a couple days before applying tile sealer.  There you have it!  So don't despair when your favorite dish breaks, just remember to save your broken pieces to create your own mosaic!
Thank-you again, Maria, for this invitation.  It has been such a pleasure to be your guest!  
I hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas!
Maria ~Rusty Hinge
Thank you Maria!
You can visit Maria's beautiful blog by visiting the Rusty Hinge.....

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  
Take Care, 


Antonella @ Pretty House Things said...

Wow, very beautiful images here ladies. Have a great Christmas!

Unknown said...

Maria, thank you so much for the fabulous opportunity to guest post with you! Have an amazing and relaxing Christmas!

Michele said...

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.

Merry Christmas,
Pearl 13.1

martinealison said...

Je vous souhaite un très joyeux noël à vous et tous les vôtres ainsi qu'une heureuse année 2013.

Gros bisous.

Unknown said...

So nice! I love it!

Many greetings from Germany & a very merry Christmas!


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Unknown said...

love love love ur blog!

i invite u to on my blog;)

Tina said...

Beautiful decorations! Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful I love the picture.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Remember Jesus is the reason for the season.

Play angry Birds said...

Beautiful Picture ..really awesome..

Molly said...

A great style, so pure, colourful and beautiful. Love your pictures so much.
Have a wonderful 2012 and all the best

carreco said...

Cette couronne est magnifique ! quelle belle idée !
or if you prefere : This ring is gorgeous! what a great idea!
Best wishes for the new year. Co