Saturday, January 27, 2018

Citrus Season In California and New French Farmhouse Finds In the Shop

I am trying really hard this year to get back into the swing of blogging.
I took such a long break it has been hard to start back up again.
I am not a writer so I find instagram to be an easier way to communicate.
However with the algorithm changes I want to try and start blogging again.
I thought I would share  a few images of the new French Farmhouse items I recently listed in our online shop.....
We are in the middle of citrus season here in California so every January I like to use citrus in my product pictures.   There will be lots of images with citrus. 

French bread boards are so fun to use around the house.

French Wash Board Caddies

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend.
I hope to be back soon.
You can find me posting daily on my instagram


Méa Strauß said...

This is so dreamy, in fact dreamy whites - as a background for these perfect arrangements, farmhouse flair, French flair... Oh my, yes, a dream lived.
I would do a lot ti have a sink like this, these cutting board... wonderful.
Have wonderful days of joy, hugs from Méa

Cathie said...

Hello Maria!

I am sooooo glad you are returning to blogging, I have missed you deperately!

Instagram is far too 'noisy' too much content. It became an assault on my senses I much prefer to take my time and savour your images on your blog. They take me to farmhouse life in California and France, what a great combination.

Blogging feels much more personal. Please stay motivated for us!

Thank you,
Vancouver BC, Canada

Cathie said...

Hello Maria,
I am sooo glad that you are returning to blogging, I have missed you!

Blodgging feels so much more personal than Instagram, I find it very visually noisy.

I prefer to savour your blog. It takes me on a wonderful journey to farmhouse life in France and California.

Please stay motivated for us!
Thank you,
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Unknown said...

Maria! I look at IG pics pretty quickly on my iPhone. But the blog- I get to enjoy on the iPad! Bigger more lush photos that I can spend time looking at! Happy to see you back at the blog... I'd love to see you continue.... thank you for all of your inspiration...peg

Marlene Stephenson said...

I know i am pretty new but i love your style and your kitchen sink is like my grandmothers, thanks for the memory.

Katie Mansfield said...

It's lovely to see a blog post from you. Everything is gorgeous.

Burlap Luxe said...

Maria, love your kitchen, that limestone sink, sigh!!! Your fruit always invites a closer look into the pottery and wood containers that hold them.
There is no other home that competes with your authentic rural living.


jo said...

Please start blogging again. Your photos and news are so great.

Susan EvelynAndRose said...

What a treat to see a post from you, Maria! I miss seeing your gorgeous home and photos on your blog.
Thank you for inspiring so many of us!

Emily Bartsch said...

Love your White Lifestyle! We are currently looking into buying a Lacanche stove and I was wondering how our experience has been with the cluny? Are the ovens large enough for you liking, etc...And you had mention you are going to change the panels out for white. That seems wonderful if it is possible! Thank you in advance for any feedback! All the best!

A Casa Madeira said...

very beautiful.

LOVE J said...

You have such beautiful house, I love the decor and your kitchen is absolutely stunning!