Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The before pictures~ My bedroom is in the process of getting a makeover!

Hello everyone!
Hope you are all having a great week!
I wanted to share a few BEFORE pictures of my bedroom.
I am currently in the process of changing this room around.
These are photographs from a couple of weeks ago.

I actually am not going to tell you what I changed just yet.

I found two items for a great deal, and
I actually had planned to use it in another room, well as soon as I got home with them, I knew they had to go in here( my bedroom). 

So I thought I would share the before pictures, because I actually had intended on posting about my bedroom here soon.
So this was how my bedroom was arranged before the weekend trip to the coast.
You can be the judge and tell me if you like the before or the after photographs later on.

You might notice I have boots on my dresser. Well I love to use my boots as props. I figure if you are going to pay that much for something you my as well get two uses out of it. My kids don't quite understand my philosophy.

I have had this dresser for over 10 years. It is a 1950s American made, maple dresser that I sanded and painted white. It is made to look french.  I also added glass knobs that I purchased off of ebay. It used to have a mirror attached.
I didn't like the mirror so I took it off.
I love this dresser it is very sturdy.
The best part is I bought it from a family friend for practically nothing.

This antique french basket is filled with lavender pillows that were made by my sister from vintage french linens. I have so many lavender pillows, I can't even tell you how many. I don't think you can ever have too many lavender pillows.
I even filled the anthropolgie linen bag (that they give you with your bill in it)
with lavender. It is the bag with the yellow string.

My light blue bedding came from Anthropologie. Well I haven't bought new bedding for our bedroom for years. I couldn't decide what I wanted. I have always thought I would end up buying a white duvet. Well last year I signed up to be an Anthro member (it is free) and you might be lucky and get something from them when your birthday rolls around. Well I did get lucky and got a 20% off card in the mail for my birthday from Anthropologie. So I went to Anthropolgie with intent to purchase some bedding.
I have always liked this design.
I think it is a little bit modern and has a younger feel.
Part of me wanted something white and neutral, but then part of me wanted something a little different.
It is called the cirrus bedding and was on clearance. I am not sure if it still is!

I know what you are all thinking... What does the cowboy in the house think.
Well lets just say he loved it in the bag. He said he really liked the color.
He even liked it on the bed, that is when it was on the wrong side~the smooth side.
I wish I had a camera to capture his expression when he saw it put together properly.
He basically shook his head and said you have got to be kidding me!
NOPE... I wasn't kidding. 

To break it up a bit, I added a vintage french monogrammed sheet, a grain sack and a comfy throw. This made a big difference in getting my husband's approval!

After all I do have his cowboy hat on display.
Kind of a compromise right???

I can't show you too much because it isn't finished.

Below is a sneak picture of what I brought home....

Can You guess what I changed???

To be continued...............

Please come back Friday night, I have a great guest who will be filling in for me.
I know you all love her as much as I do.

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Yvonne - Frl. Klein said...

Oh, what beautiful bedroom you have! I enjoy your wonderful photos!
Hugs, Yvonne

Lettered Cottage said...

Oh my goodness.
Your photos took my breath away!
I think I'm in love.


Ticking and Toile said...

Your before pictures are beautiful ~ can't wait to see the afters!


Blondie's Journal said...

I don't know how you could improve on this bedroom!


sara@augustfields said... you have me stumped! :) i love your bedroom in its current state so it will be tough when you roll out the new do!

i'm so happy you were able to get whatever it was that you wanted to get! :) happy decorating!


Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

How can you improve on perfection? It is stunning Maria and I can't wait to see what you purchased, don't keep us waiting too long :)
Take care

Anonymous said...

I think we must all have bedrooms on our minds this week..ha! I started my redo with a fresh white paint job. Now I'm on to the next step. Cant wait to see what you are up to~


I can't wait to see what you do, it looks pretty as is!

Cottage Dreamers said...

I can't wait to see it, whatever it is, because I know it's going to be good! I LOVE your blue anthro bedding, btw!
☺ Celeste

Little Emma English Home said...

Dear Maria, your bedroom is amazing!!! Can't believe you're changing something because to me it's PERFECT!! So, I really can't figure out what you have in mind, but I KNOW I won't be disappointed... Love the chandelier and I'm sure it's ITALIAN, it's too beautiful ;)And the basket with lilac and lavender pillows?? Faboulous? And who would ever think about display boots on a gorgeous dresser?? YOU, naturally. You are the best, my friend!!! I bought my first piece of furniture last week, I'm going to tell you by mail....

I embrace you darling!! Zaira

1 Funky Woman said...

What a wonderful place to cozy up with a book and a friend!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

the before is stunning!! can't wait to see what the after will be :)

Sissie's Shabby Cottage said...

Your bedroom is pretty both before and after. I can't imagaine improving it in any way what so ever.

It's gorgeous and I'm glad the cowboy approves.



Shades of pale said...

My OH my do I wish you and I lived closer!You could take fab pics of the shop for me :( I cant wait to see the makeover ( not that you needed one, its so pretty)

Marina of Printable Expressions said...

Maria your bedroom oozes serenity. I too am stumped as to what it could be. At first I thought maybe a new bed (headboard) but then you started talking about the ceiling. Guess we'll all have to wait.

Great photos. Enjoy the rest of the makeover.


Anne Lorys said...

Ahhhh, so you're creating a little cliffhanger for us here, eh? ;-)

I can't imagine what you're changing or adding, but I totally understand the desire to tweak and change and just play. It's fun!

And I *love* your philosophy regarding the boots! Darn right, I've done the same thing with some pricey cowboy boots, myself!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Shelby said...

I love your vintage style! I have no idea what you are changing but I can't wait to see! :)

DustyLu said...

I love it all Maria! I new that trip was for something fun too! lolol... Can't wait to see. Your bedroom is just dreamy! ~lulu

Kasey said...

seriously girlie...what needs to be changed?
maybe just the sheets...
I look forward to the finale!

It's me said...

Oh my goodness........................what a great bedroom you have !!!

It is fun to being here !!!

I look forward...........can't wait to see...........

Hugs and happy day ! Ria

jninecostumes said...

Love the beautiful whites and the chandelier is to die for! Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to see the "new" room.

June said...

Maria, I love your bedroom brfore and I know I will love it just as much after. I hope you can convince the hubs to love that spread, because it is so lovely.

Lulu and Co. said...

Maria your room is lovely!!! You have such a gift to create the most dreamy room... i am completely on pins and needles waiting to see what you did to make it even more beautiful!

TheVirginiaHouse said...

I am so excited to see more of your house! I can't wait to see what you changed, though it looks awesome in these shots. It looks somewhat like another door in the "guess" picture?

Check out my giveaway!

Tricia Rose said...

Stand by your boots, Maria! Don't your children want to put their own new shoes beside the bed where they can see them?

Gail said...

Well now, I'm so glad you posted this because I just ordered that FAB bedskirt in's exactly what I've been looking for! My bed needs to be taken up a notch and I'm happy will all my other bedding except the bedskirt...knew I wanted something special but just hadn't found it yet......thank you!
I can't wait to get it and also can't wait to see what you have up your'll be gorgeous, I know that much!!!

Between You and Me said...

absolutely everything in there so I can't imagine what else you could add to make it better...

Lovely Little Nest said...

Your Master Bedroom is absolutely gorgeous! I can't imagine what you could possibly add/change to make it better! :)

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Ok....I will wait to see, but it sure looks great right now!~Patti

Donna Reyne' said...

I always love what you do! And I agree...I love it now and can't wait to see what you are working on.
I love the chandy! It's gorgeous! They are getting so hard to find!
Look forward to friday...Have a wonderful evening,

Home Sweet Seattle said...

How can you make this room any better??!!!! Ok, I know you are excited about using tins for the ceiling (love that!)... but what else?? OOoooh I can't wait to see.

Unknown said...

I'm so curious what could possibly improve on your current state of dreaminess....

Shannan Martin said...

LOVE the boots as props!! And I agree with everyone else - I can't imagine how you made all of this look even better! But I trust you, I sure do. :)

Carrie Ann Eddleman said...

Looks beautiful of course, can't wait to see what changes you make. Change is always a good thing, for me anyway. Take Care, Carrie

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Well if this is the before.. there's no hope for the rest of us.. haha.. Love your before.. so serene.. and that blue bedspread is just divine....we sadly don't have Anthropologie here... Look forward to seeing the rest.. Have a great week xx Julie

Angie said...

Love, Love your bedroom and so excited to see what you will be changing! Thanks for sharing!

Emily said...

Your bedroom is Dreamy! Can't wait to see what you did?

Linda @ Painted Whyte said...

I can't wait to see what it is - is tis fair to leave us hanging like this? hmmm now i'm going to be wondering what you come up with - its got to be something really good to change something already perfect. My mind is racing - i have a couple of ideas.... i love those wire baskets and the pillows and love the Anthro sheets - ok so maybe i love everything lol.

Melanie said...

Hee Hee!!!!:-))) I must say that "it" was well worth the delayed phone call!:-) And you already know how much I L.O.V.E. that bedding. I am off to shop at Anthro!:-)

Gorgeous photos by the way!!!! I cannot wait to see your makeover! You have me on the edge of my seat!!!!!!


chris said...

I'm thinking a rug or some art work. One thing is for sure, whatever it turns out to be will be lovely.

Kacey said...

Can't wait to see how you improve on your perfect room! Really, I can't imagine what it could possibly need - but knowing you, you'll make it even more fabulous!


MODERN Prairie Girl said...

Turned out GREAT! Nicely done.

I thought I was the only person who uses my cowboy boots as a prop ;) Got flowers in 'em right now by the door. Ziploc bags work great for the water.


Flaviana said...

Maria, I love your bedroom so much as it is I'm actually scared to see the after pics! They will kill me!
Yous should have been an interior decorator .. and I would have hired you!!:)
Hugs my lovely friend

**HoLLy** said...

I love your bed. I am getting ready to redo my bedroom in our new farmhouse. I have been in LOVE with the cirrius bedding at antrho for quite some time now! :) I am guessing yours is the ocean color which i didn't think i liked....but i do love it on your bed. Your blog has totally inspired me. I have been drawn towards decor in white and neutrals for awhile now and was so excited to find your blog and see it all come to life!! :) thank you!

AT HOME BLOG said...

Hi Maria! :-)
Your bedroom is simply beautiful right know... I can't even imagine how you will change it in another wonderful way... can't wait to see the pics!

Paris Pastry said...

This is the BEFORE?! Wow! Can't wait to see what the after looks like then. I'm guessing you're painting on of your furnitures... maybe the ecru screen?

FEDERICA said...

Oh Maria! Your bedroom is stunning!
I can't wait to see more! You are very talented and you have a great sense of style, I'm sure your bedroom will look GORGEOUS!!!
Wish you a lovely day.
Your friend,

Tomines hjem said...

i love your photo.. from every room.. cant wait to see on friday.. looking forwars.. love your blog, and your beautiful pictures. happy greetings from norway, where the sun is finally shining again, and the snow is melting!! yea!!!!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

So beautiful, I can't believe you are changing it! I too am thinking a new headboard~room divider, or perhaps using the wood to make some kind of 4 poster bed? Hurry up Friday!

Unknown said...

Hi dear Maria! So if these are the before photos I can't even imagine the after ones! To me, your bedroom it's just perfect as it is! But if you've made some changes I more than curios to see them!!!! Your bedroom now is would it be after? maybe just perfect!!!! I think that you will seriosly put on an interior design business, you're so talented!!!!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Crikey Maria,
What on earth are you going to do to improve on this ? You cannot improve perfection although, knowing you, you most definitely will !!
It is already my perfect bedroom. I love all of it, from the beautiful bedspread to the delightful little linen lavender pillows that your sister made for you.
Looking forward to seeing perfection pressure !! hehe. XXXX

white flower farmhouse said...

I don't know what you could possibly change to make your room more beautiful. It is gorgeous! Lori

Razmataz said...

Maria, I will try and guess. It is WHITE and it is DREAMY. Wait, it is already white and dreamy. Can't wait to see it, you always amaze me.


Erin said...

Number one: your room is beautiful! Number two: the story about your husband liking the wrong side of the bedspread, made me smile. I think I can almost picture what his face must have looked like when he realized what it really looked like. Can't wait to see the after pictures!

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

That's a most wonderful and dreamy bedroom - I agree, how can you improve upon this?!! Love the chandelier. I'm pretty sure it's Italian since I have one that is similar, was made in the 20's and still has a little gold tag attached saying it was made in Italy.

Unknown said...

Oh Maria, I just LOVE the before pictures, I can't imagine it getting any better, but if I know you, you will manage to turn this fabulous bedroom into an even more amazing one!!! Can't wait to see what that chippy paint goodness is all about! My bedroom could use a little makeover, but we have mostly darkwood furniture in there {beautiful family heirloom pieces} that my FIL refinished so I can't even mention the idea of painting then white like I would want to! So, I'm always lacking a little in motivation in that room...oh well, at least my hubby gets one non-white room :) Sorry to ramble on so...

Hugs my friend ~

:) T

Robyn said...

Maria, Maria, Maria, what goodness could you possibly bring us next?! Your room is scrumptious, like an almost too beautiful cake that you KNOW is filled with homemade loving goodness inside and you are going to eat the whole thing yourself before your husband comes home. BTW, I totally think the the oh so cool cowboy hats should be the perfect compromise for your husband! ;-) About the kids don't "get" me either. I just filled an antique locker basket with 8 cheap towels. My youngest asked me this morning if she could use them. Of course I said NO, they are decorative. She just shook her head and said, "what a waste!" LOL

SoSoBella said...

oh my goodness, i love it just the way it is :O)

Lyndsy @ L Kae Interiors said...

I am So excited to see the makeover.. Your bedroom is stunning to begin with I can't even imagine how fabulous it is going to be after the transformation! And I love the boots ;)

OneCraftyFox said...

Makeovers are so much fun. Your bedroom is simply gorgeous!! I would feel right at home in that space.

Ryan said...

Just beautiful

mary katharine said...

Beautiful room already and I know the updated version will be just the same! How will we choose??? :)

You have the best natural light, btw, in your home ... oh how I covet!!

I just have to ask, though, what size is your current bed? It looks like a full. Just wondering because my husband and I have a full and I've never seen anyone else with anything smaller than a queen!

SeaWorthy said...

I totally think if I was to have that yellow shutter I would die a happy life. That, to me, is one of THOSE things. its perfect color, chippiness and worn wonder is VERY appealing to the coastal nest gal.
As is this lil blog you have, sister.--and that card giveaway?! egads!
Im lovin it!
coastal nest

Jennifer said...

Dreamy elegance - fun - crisp clean - exciting - what a wonderful Mother's Day treat. I actually write notes, letters and thank-yous still. My fav is the Easy Elegance in the pale blue. Jennifer hope you'll visit me... jennsthreegraces

Jennifer said...

Your bedroom would make me feel to rested and peaceful - I stayed in a room in Cape May New Jersey - an old Victorian Hotel - your room reminds me a little of that - the colors - the airy look.

I've listed Minted on my blog...and I love a lot of their styles - thanks for sending me to their site. Jennifer jennsthreegraces

mary katharine said...

I just have to post another comment ... I'm dying to know what your sons rooms look like. Please do a post on that next!!

Cindy said...

It is so beautiful already, I can't imagine what it will look like. I am looking forward to what the changes will look like. Hugs, Cindy S

vosgesparis said...

Your bedroom looks really cute. we have a basket with blankets at the same spot ;) Okay now let me quess what you went to pick up! My quess is one of those French iron beds.

Lara said...

Just beautiful and that wire basket.. wow, just scrumtious!!
♥ Lara

Crane Farms said...

Is that a mantle behind your bed?

The Little Red Shop said... it already...and that egg basket..and Michael Bublé!

Thank you for your sweet comment on Heather Bullard's blog!

Have a beautiful weekend!

: )

Julie M.

Niina said...

Your bedroom is so beautiful!! I love the colours and the light! And the space!
I cant wait to see the CHANGE:)...
Have a lovely day, Niina

Rumour has it said...

Lovely pastel colours and whites! I just love the combination of beautiful bedlinen and grainsack-or burlap-fabrics.
Happy weekend to you, best regards,

jade said...

Your pictures are sooo lovely - thank you for all your inspiration and have a wonderful weekend,

Hugs Jade

carolina @ patagonia gifts said...

oh my! your bedroom is just gorgeous! love everything! what would you change? now I'm intrigued!
have a lovely weekend! xo

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

What a lovely bedroom, I can't imagine what you'll be doing next! :) You have a gift for creating beautiful displays of your treasures! Your photos are so inspiring & I am LOVING those lilacs in your bedroom right now too! Have a wonderful Friday!

Val said...

I'm sure that I should make sweet dreams in that bedroom!

Janice said...

Hi Maria,
It is so beautiful now, but I'm certain that you will have a magical "after" too. What is that thing that is holding your lilacs? I don't know what it is but I like the way it looks!
Have a lovely weekend

Madelief said...

Just found your blog through Jaqueline from "Home". It's just lovely!

Wish you a happy weekend!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Inspired-Simplicity said...

I visit your blog everyday.Thanks to Ticking & Toile my Spring project is redoing 3 bedrooms. Yes, I've lost my mind. My first reveal is in 2 weeks. I just love your beautiful style. You have an amazing eye for photos. The lilacs in the basket are yummy.

Tina said...

Maria, your bedroom looks perfect to me already, I can't imagine what you could possibly do to make it anymore beautiful! Your photos are divine as always and I know that one day I will be looking at these photos again in a book, once you get that book deal which I am certain is coming your way my dear!! Can't wait to see what you do with your room. Big hugs to you~ Tina xx

maría cecilia said...

Hola Marìa, I think everyone has said all I would like to tell you... just one more word, big, big congratulations!!! I became instantly a fan of your blog.
Muchos cariños from Chile,
Maria Cecilia

K said...

I adore your bedroom! I'm glad your husband changed his mind about the bedding, because it is perfect!

Also, I have something for you on my blog; come see! :)

Stacey said...

really? you're changing this room around?? it's breath taking...I can't wait to see the after pictures..true story...i had surgery a week ago, and while i was awaking from the drugs, i told the doctors i didn't want to get up, i was decorating with maria! bahahhah

DoubleTake Photography, Megan and Jessica said...

Hi Maria!

Thanks for sharing your interview and wonderful home with Adi at the Houzz
I won the $50 gift certificate to pottery barn! I am so grateful! Will I be contacted by email in order to receive the gift? Thanks for any information that you can provide! I love your blog too! Megan mdesign

DoubleTake Photography, Megan and Jessica said...

Hi Maria!

Thanks for sharing your interview with Adi at the Houzz
I won the $50 gift certificate to pottery barn! I am so grateful! Will I be contacted by email in order to receive the gift? Thanks for any information that you can provide! I love your blog too! Megan mdesign

Gaia said...

Your room is pure heaven! just perfect...

p.s.I use a 450d canon.

Anonymous said...

beautiful! i cant even imagine what you possibly could change in that fab room! cant wait to see!

mimi charmante said...

girlie, you have a way with making everything you shoot look like the most beautifully decorated cake - delicious! thank you once again for being so incredibly inspiring!
have a marvelous week~

Janiina said...

Hello, you lovely blog and wonderful children. And so. Congratulations and much love in your house.

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Your before pictures are truly beautiful, I can't wait to see what you won...I mean bought!
Have a fabulous week!

Miss Mustard Seed said...

That room is so ugly and in great need of a makeover. I'm so glad you're finally getting it done. :)

TOTALLY kidding, of course. The room is gorgeous and I'm sure anything that you're working on will only make it better. You are the queen of beauty in simplicity. I love how you use only a few items in a room and make them important. I can't wait to see the "afters."

Anonymous said...

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