Friday, May 7, 2010

Have you been to Tyler Florence???

Hello Everyone!
I hope you are all having a great weekend!
I was curious if any of you have ever been to this amazing store.
I just discovered it last fall, when my mom and I went to Mill Valley, California.
I wish I would have had my camera then.
When I was last over there I photographed Tyler Florence's store for you.

Tyler Florence is a famous chef,
Who has opened an amazing shop, called Tyler Florence.
I haven't ever seen anything like it.
I want to buy one of his cookbooks, but I couldn't decide which one to get.
So I will wait until the next time, if I get lucky enough to walk into this store again.

Prices of items range from low to high.
There is something for everyone in this store.
I promise you won't walk away empty handed.

Be warned there are a lot of photographs!

His store is stocked with French antiques.
I love just looking at the way they have them displayed.

If you would like to visit Tyler Florence's store online you can.

I needed my Tyler Florence fix this morning.

I kind of had to hurry because I had this really cute cowboy waiting outside for me.

Happy Mother's day!
Take Care,

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Cottage Dreamers said...

That's the kind of store that would be fun to go in after hours and play in!
☺ Celeste

Pétales de fée said...

I don't know Tyler but I love the shop and all of the beautifull things all around!
Kiss from France
Excuse my poor english!!!

Melanie said...

These photos are amazing! This shop is incredible!!!!... I am adding this to the list of places you are taking me if I ever get to California!!! :) One of these days!

Have a beautiful Mother's Day my dear friend!! :-))))

Much Love,

InMyOwnStyle said...

What a great post for a Saturday afternoon. I can't go out shopping today and live clear across the country from this shop, but it was fun looking at all your photos - what a yummy place. It is probably a good thing I don't live near the shop as I would be broke from buying everything.

InMyOwnStyle said...

What a great post for a Saturday afternoon. I can't go out shopping today and live clear across the country from this shop, but it was fun looking at all your photos - what a yummy place. It is probably a good thing I don't live near the shop as I would be broke from buying everything.

Anonymous said...

I would love that shop! I could go there and maison reve and get into all kinds of trouble~ i think you and I could have a lot of fun shopping together!

maría cecilia said...

Hola Maria, a great shop with so many wonderful items!!! Thanks for showing it to us.
Maria Cecilia

La Dolfina said...

What a coincidence... I just did a post on Tyler's store in Mill Valley last week! Come by for a visit when you get a chance. I also posted about Summer House.
Happy Mother's Day... Mother of 5!!!!


Love, love this store! Happy Mother's Day, Maria.

Tara said...

fabulous shop! thank you for sharing the gorgeous pictures Maria.
happy Mother's day!

Amy said...

Love it! and I LOVE Mill Valley but since I have moved away from my hometown {Santa Rosa} haven't been much. I will have to do that soon. And I love how your cowboy is waiting outside. They are all the same, huh?!? :)

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

I could get in a lot of trouble in that shop!

Claudia said...

Oh my God!!! Thank you for sharing. I love this post. I love getting new cook books. I will have to check it out. It's such a beautituful store. I could spend a whole day there.
Thanks again for sharing.
Happy Mother's Day

Unknown said... of each please!!!!!:D.........sigh!!!!!!


DustyLu said...

Hey, I love this! You didn't tell me this...lolol..Great chat, call me later! ~lulu

Beach House Living said...

Both you and LaDolfina have made the rest of really really want to go to Tyler's store.

Definitely a place one needs plenty of time to linger.

Happy Mother's Day.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear Maria,
We don't know about Tyler Florence here in the U.K.
What a wonderful store, with such beautiful and delicious things. I would be shopping online everyday, if I lived in the States !! He has found some wonderful French things hasn't he ? Thanks so much for showing us, although, I am rather disappointed that I can't visit his store !! I must go there when I am next in that area. XXXX

Shelby said...

You weren't joking about there being a lot of pictures! :P His shop looks adorable, I'm sure I would love it, I love the whole French look. Very cute! :)

{oc cottage} said...

I'd love to get "accidently" locked in there one night!! }

m ^..^

Splenderosa said...

You're exactly right! Danger lurks one could possibly leave this place without buying SOMETHING! Totally downhome comfortable, just what we need today, isn't it? Love the you know him well. Happy Mother's Day, precious.

Anonymous said...

um.... I just want to live in this store for a few days soaking it all in! ... love his food network show - didn't know he had cookbooks - think I'll head over to the library website right now!

Unknown said...

wow!! i had no idea he had his own store, i love him! i watch his show on food network all the time! looks like my kind of place :) happy mother's day!! hugs, susan

Wendy said...

Thank you for taking us with you! This looks like an amazing store...I think I could spend hours there!
Happy Mother's Day to you, too!!

Little Emma English Home said...

Wow Maria!!! That is a store!!! I called my mom and saw the photos with her...What did you buy?? I'm curious.... Thanks so much for this visit, I enjoyed a lot.

And love the photo of your husband waiting....These men are saints ;)

Enjoy a lovely Sunday, my dear friend. xxx

It's me said...

Wauwwwwwww!! This stir is great !!!

I would like to include an afternoon walking around !!!

Thank you for share !!

Hugs from Ria

Debbie said...

Holey moley big IS this store? Loads of stuff to look at. Love the way they merchandise everything! Reminds me of the shops in Deuville near the Normandy Beaches of France. Thank you for sharing.
Happy Mom's Day!!

Sternchen56 said...

These photos are amazing!I love this post.

Happy Mother's Day to you, too!!


Anonymous said...

If we were neighbors...your hubby and my hubby could hang out in front of the stores together while we would spend hours dreaming. YOu are so blessed to have a sweetie that will wait on you..;) Mine while too but He WILL NOT touch my purse. He has this thing about my purse or wallet. If he needs something he will bring it to me but never opens it...too funny! Thanks for sharing yet another wonderful site with all of us. If you keep this up girl I will never get my house clean...hehe. Happy Mothers Day! ((hugs)) Susie

paige said...

what an amazing shop!!
i wonder what those little silver bags beside the ginormous gorgeous water dispenser were filled with?
everything looks lovely

& that cowboy of yours
is quite the cutie!
happy mothers day

City Living Girl said...

Fabulous find, thanks! Tyler is great! Absolutely love your blog, I recently came across it and look forward to every new post. Keep it up! And please visit too if you would like, at

Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

What a fun shop to stroll around in! thanks for sharing!
Have a wonderful Mothers Day!

Damaris said...

Thank you Maria!! This is the best ever blog!! I feel like you brought me along!!

That is one very patient cowboy!!

XXOO Happy Mother's Day!!

LuluD said...

Great store! I was thinking it was a little sad to see it but not be able to visit. Thanks for sharing the online store too.

Kathy's Red Door Welcome said...

Looks like a fabulous store. You got great photos. It definitely makes me want to visit.

Janean said...

i'll take one of everything!!! thanks for taking us along!

A Room For Everyone said...

Ha ha, love the picture of hubby waiting patiently outside! What an amazing store, so many beautiful things..Happy Mothers Day! Rachaelxx

Cindy said...

Oh my what a super store to go browsing in!!! I would love it. Thanks for the look. Hugs, Cindy S

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

What an awesome store. I would have taken a ton of pictures too. Love your music... Micheal Buble' is my favorite. Going to see him in concert in July. Can't wait. Happy Mother's Day! Love & blessings from NC!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I do believe I could get in a heap of trouble in that store! I live south/east of Mill Valley. haven't been to that store... yet.

Ange said...

That shop is amazing!
Happy Mothers Day Maria.

paperbird said...

all so gorgeous- thank you for sharing this, i am so excited to visit this beautiful store.

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

What an amazing store..I could spend hours in there. Off to the on-line shop.

red ticking said...

fabulous post.. it looks amazing... xx pam

red ticking said...

happy mothers day!!!! xoxo

K. Davis said...

this is going on my list of things to visit while in California!! Looks like a shop I would have seen while I lived in Europe. I could use some of those wire baskets right about now for my fabric!

Carolyn @ My Backyard Eden said...

Beautiful shop! Looks like you could spend hours there browsing.

Gina said...

Thanks for the 411 Maria - I didn't know he even had a store, but I am a fan of Tyler's and even have a couple of cookbooks - I will be sure to check out the store website - too bad I don't have one near me (yet!) to browse in - I know I could spend hours in there!!! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!!!

Gina said...

Oh, and how can I forget? Happy Mother's Day, Maria - I am sure your family will have many nice things waiting for you!!!

Anonymous said...

I just want to tell you that I like your blog, it's incredibly inspiring.
I would also like to leave a footprint after me & Sweden, and will welcome you to my blog.


Moonshine & Wool said...

Hi Maria,
I send you best wishes from Europe/Germany! Thanks for your great idea taking pictures of Florence Tyler`s shop!♥ I really love these kind of stores and your photos make me feel like I´m walking through these georgious`s sooooo nice :) !!!
Have a great day, Beate

Ness Lockyer said...

Ooooo! My kind of store, the type you can get lost in.
Ness xx

Debra@CommonGround said...

Thanks for sharing this wonderful store! Hope you're having a great Mother's Day!
hugs and blessings,

mimi charmante said...

Wow - how is it that you found my dream store for me??? That is right up there with E. Dehillerin in Paris - I could spend hours there! Thanks for taking all of those fabulous photos so that at least I could feel like I was there with you~
Happy Mother's Day my friend,

On A Lark said...

Thank you for taking me shopping on Mother's Day! What a treat :) I love Tyler. His Thanksgiving turkey and gravy are now a tradition in our home. Next time I am up north, I will definitely put his store on my list.
Happy Mother's Day to you, have a wonderful day :) Jamie

Farmgirl Paints said...

Great store...I liked those wire baskets on the floor, those big glass vases and that green bench. Thanks for ALL of you photos. I feel like I've really been there.

Happy Mother's day Maria:)

desde my ventana said...

Ohhhh!!! I woul be happy there.I love baskets and those are really wonderful.
Tank you for sharing

Carrie Ann Eddleman said...

Ooh, I am drooling over everything in that store. How lucky you are to have such great stores to visit. Happy Mother's Day to you, hope it's been wonderful. I'm so glad you came by to visit. Take Care, Carrie

vosgesparis said...

I loce wandering around in these kind of stores, all the fresh products make me dream of cozy meals an full tables ;)

Gracefully Vintage said...

I love that- im not that much into cooking- unless it is cupcakes and cookies- but i love the set up-and the outside-so cute- I LOVE YOUR BLG and just became a followr - GREAT inspiration i must say- i am about to go back and shk out the girls rooms-
im not that far from Mill Valley-maybe we will take a day trip there with the kids to chk out the design..

Marija said...

I have to confess I had such a crush on Tyler Florence. Do you remember the cooking instruction show he used to host...something about how to boil water? Would LOVE to see this shop. Though these pictures have me feeling like I already did! Thank you!

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day :)


Anne Lorys said...

Hi Maria!

Firstly, Happy Mother's Day! I hope you and your beautiful family had a wonderful day. :-)

Secondly, I had no idea that Tyler Florence had a store! Whaddaya know?! I knew of his reputation as a celebrity chef, but his shop comes as complete surprise. It looks like a fantastic place to drop a big chunk of change.

Thank you so much for your sweet and caring comments on my last post, they really meant a lot to me.

Hugs to you, my friend!

The Little Red Shop said...

Oooohhhh....if that store had been around when I was little, my mama wouldn't of had to hurry because she wouldn't have been able to get my daddy AND my grandpa OUT of the doors! Wonderful...just wonderful!!!!

Happy Mother's Day!

: )

Julie M.

The Chatty Housewife said...

I've never heard of it before, but it looks amazing! Reminds me of a Williams Sonoma mixed with a little Pottery Barn and a little Anthropologie. :)

traci said...

wow, that looks like an amazing place.

Unknown said...

Hi dear Maria, this shop is amazing! Hope you've spent a fantastic Mother's day!!!! Maybe very spoiled and cuddled by all of your kids!!!


Tricia said...

That is way too much eye candy for me on this Monday morning...SO gorgeous!
Thanks for sharing my giveaway info and have a great day Maria.

Hope you enjoyed mother's day.

Unknown said...

Hi Maria! What an awesome store!!! You took fabulous pictures of it! I wonder if they have one of those stores here in Chgo...or is that the only one? Thanks for sharing! Your hubby is a real hottie :)

Happy Monday ~


:) T

Claudia said...


I love this post. His store is beautiful. I could spend days in there. I am a fan of his and his app for the iphone is a must. Delicious recipes.
Thank you for sharing. I wish he would open a store in the East Coast.
Thank you for sharing.

Robyn said...

ohhh I've had an husband aware cursh on TF for a long time. I'd KILL to see that store,or at least cut off my left pinkie toe!

Jan Johnson said...

I found your blog through various blog links and it has been one of my favorite blogs to come back to. Thanks for sharing so much with us. I just love everything about your blog!!!

Jan Johnson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mary katharine said...

I keep coming back to this post!! I LOVE the benches, little green box things on top of that armoire ... the white stools ... oh MY how I want to step inside this computer and into that store!! It's killin' me:).

FEDERICA said...

Dear Maria,
this place looks amazing!
I love almost everything in these photos!
Have a lovely day,

Gabrielle Mader said...

What a neat store..i'd be there every week for sure. I love you blog and have added you to my blog roll so I can check in all the time..I love the style of your house...beautiful and you are such a talented photographer. Nice to meet you...

Melanie said...

Up late sewing...stumbled across your blog! LOVE it!!! Mill Valley has been a favorite getaway for my husband and I for the last 9 years. Tyler Florence is awesome! Love his recipes and the store is great!!

Thanks for such an inspiring and fun blog...I will be visiting often. : )

Anonymous said...

Why I'll never visit your website again - A friend sent me the link to this page and I agree that the photos were nice, but I was greeted by awful music and had to scroll from here to timbuktu to find the player to turn it off. It wasnt' just that the music was awful, as that is subjective, but that it auto-played at all. It should be an option to turn ON, not force someone to turn off. That lost popularity in 1999. Please be considerate to your readers and make this very simple change.