Sunday, May 27, 2012

Vintage French Fruit Crates

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.
I haven't had any of these in the shop since last summer.

These crates are a little different then the ones I found last year.
They can be used for so many different things....
They are great for corralling your everyday dishes in. 
I like to sometimes display one of these crates filled with dishes on top of the table or counter.

You can also use these to hold magazines or books in.
I thought I would share a few images of crates that I posted about last year.

This particular french fruit crate was one of my favorites.
I love how it is lined with chicken wire.
I also used this style of crate as a dish drying rack in the kitchen.

I am hoping to find more of these for the shop,  I am currently out of stock...

Here I shared an easy way to set dishes out for a summer barbecue.

I set a small milk bottle caddy from Holland on top of a stack of ironstone plates.

You can read more about how we love to use mason jars for glasses here.

Here I stacked three vintage french fruit crates together and used them to hold my vintage grain sack
runners and lavender pillows  made from vintage french textiles and grain sacks that I will be taking to the Remnants of the Past Show.

I have been busy trying to get everything together for the show next weekend.
I hope to see you there....
You can visit the Remnants of the Past Website to read more about it.

On another note....
My girls get home in a couple of days....
They have been visiting my sister in Atlanta, GA
I can hardly wait to see them, their room looks so empty at the moment : (.....

On a final note....
I hope you all have a safe Memorial weekend.
A special thank you to all of the men and women in uniform who have served our country and are currently serving our country, we owe so much to you for your service!
My heart goes out to all of you that have lost a loved one serving in the military, and to those of you that have lost loved ones under any other circumstances.
We sadly lost a brother 12 years ago in a car accident, life is too short and so unpredictable, be sure you let your loved ones know how much you love them.

Take Care,


Unknown said...

I just found your blog... I'm in love! This is completely my style, I would kill to have my home filled with all these unique things :) ... I'm your newest follower.

Cindy said...

My favorite Blog...hands down! Just beautiful!

Jen Migonis said...

Gorgeous photos... Just love your finds and stylings!

martinealison said...

J'aime toutes ces cagettes... J'en possède de différentes que j'ai cérusées ... Je prendrai des photos pour vous.
Une très jolie publication avec des photos superbes.
Gros bisous


Hi Mary!
These boxes are beautiful strawberry. What do you do with everything! Here in Germany it is the not at all. Here there are only wooden boxes labeled "wine from Germany" :-) I wish you a happy reunion with your girls and have a nice free time.
Enjoy life!
Best regards,

J.J said...

VERY-VERY tender images!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Love the one with chicken wire! You gave inspired me to walk through my barn and out buildings to look for treasures.

SSM said...

Everything looks wonderful Maria!

Enjoy your day! :)

Vintage Home said...

....oh theses are wonderful!

Pura Vida said...

I'm thinking breakfast in bed!

Anonymous said...

Hi Maria!
OH I really love your beautiful pictures!Everything fits together so perfectly,I like the fruit crate with chicken wire - it´s a unusual tray and it looks so nice on the table.
I´m glad that I´ve found your blog.I send a lot of sunny greetings from Austria to you

Ricki Treleaven said...

I love the crates. I would love a few because I could find lots of good uses for them!

Lovely post!

Sarah said...

It is SO important to thank our military for the freedom we so enjoy here in this great country...I am so sorry for your loss too Maria, it is difficult. ;-))

Heaven's Walk said...

I always enjoy my visits with you, Maria! Your photography is always stunning and I love to see how you put various treasures to use throughout your beautiful home. :)

xoox laurie

Debie Grace said...

I think I need a crate right now. Haha pretty photos btw! :)

BEACH & EAU said...


Ann said...

Your crates are lovely,
and your photos are always amazing.

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

Beautiful post Maria~ And I am so sorry for the loss of your brother 12 years ago..I cant imagine how tough that has been for your family. You are so right, life is too short. Hugs, Rachel

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Beautiful! I always love that delicate worn look of vintage pieces like that<3

Unknown said...

Hello Maria,

As always gorgeous! Especially the crates stacked. We have 6 kids so things need to be stacked to conserve space and de-clutter.
I also totally like the milk caddy. Being partial to my Dutch upbringing maybe?

Also this morning I needed something fresh and I am glad I stopped by, you made me smile.

Getting ready for the Vintage Marketplace So Cal. (fair) I am a vendor there... Promised not to turn on the sewing machine any more till it is over. I actually like your set up at the Sonoma Fair.
It is very informal, relaxing yet classy!

Have a lovely week.


P.s. Have super fun with the homecoming of your girls.
I am sure you missed them a lot.

kråke said...

Just absolutely georgeous pics Maria!:))

Have a nice weekend:))



sarah said...

I feel lucky to live in France... finding these crates is easier ! Have you ever been in France ?
Have a nice evening

the designers muse said...

Beautiful flowers...beautiful photos. So glad I found your blog.

JJasmin Interiors said...

Have been enjoying your sweet life and photos! Love the new crates.....hmm....thinking I must have them.

Erika said...

Stunning! Everything you have in your home, in your collections, in your shop! Every single piece tell an entire story! :)

Beautiful life you lead!
It makes my heart smile...

Molly Tyson said...

That's actually pretty. It looks very simple and yet it looks very vintage as well. I think I'd use this a food tray.

Bajaringan said...

Great stuff, I love it..:)