Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Favorite Pancake Recipe, Keeping The Table Simple, Spring

I hope you are all having a great week!
I wanted to share my favorite pancake recipe with you....

It is adapted from my favorite breakfast cookbook 
by Kate Habershon

1 Cup all-purpose flour
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
2 1/2 TBL Sugar
1/2 teaspoons of salt
2 eggs, separated
3/4 cup of milk

Mix dry ingredients together in a bowl.
Separate the egg whites from the egg yolks.
Mix egg yolks and milk together in a separate bowl.
Add the milk mixture to your dry ingredients, be sure and not over mix!
Beat egg whites until soft peaks form.
Fold egg whites into batter.
Make sure you don't over mix the egg whites into your batter.
Over mixing your pancake batter will cause your pancakes to be chewy : (
I like to butter the grill before cooking my first batch of pancakes.
We have a Breville grill that I love to make pancakes on....
I also quadruple the recipe for our family of seven.

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals to fix....
It is about the only meal I feel like I can actually do an okay job at making :)

Growing up, almost every Sunday we would come home from Church and my mom would fix all of us a big breakfast.... It is one of those childhood memories I will always cherish.

My mom taught me to keep my table settings simple....
The food my mother made is always what was showcased on the table....
Here I set the table with vintage ironstone, a mix of vintage silverware,  and my favorite glasses, canning jars. 

 I used whatever ironstone I had to hold food items and for the pancakes I used this antique English breadboard.  I haven't ever seen one like it before.
I bought it from one of my favorite French importers.
It will eventually be put in the shop. : )

I like to keep grain sack runners on the table....

I especially love this gray striped runner.
The material is a beautiful creamy white color.


I also wanted to share a few images of the yard, yesterday was such a beautiful spring day.
It had rained hard, and I thought it was so pretty outside after the rain stopped.
This is an image of the hydrangeas I planted in front of the house six or so years ago.
They will soon be blooming.

Here is a picture of the patio area.
We ate our Easter dinner on the patio, it was such a beautiful day.
I will get a better picture out here this summer.

I love english boxwood, I planted over a hundred boxwoods about six years ago.  They are finally starting to grow : )
 This area I have planted and replanted so many times....
My husband finally took over and planted the tree roses and the carpet roses.

We used the zinc pitcher filled with lilacs for our Easter dinner as well.
Lilacs bring back all kinds of childhood memories....
I have one lilac bush that is growing well, the other bush, hasn't grown an inch in the past six years.
You can read a post I did about lilacs last spring here...

I had to share this series of pictures I shot of my kids yesterday....
This is a picture of Bethany, Rambo (our great dane mastiff mix), and Dustan....
My husband was driving the Kubota down in the lower pasture, everyone including Rambo was anxious to join Thad in the field....

Dustan took off...

As soon as Bethany let go of Rambo, he took off on a mad dash to catch up with Dustan (Rambo is the blurry blob in the middle of the picture), Bethany was yelling at Dustan to wait for her.... Which Dustan wasn't about to wait for his sister. :)
Kind of a blurry picture, but I still love it.

for opening a booth at the Doster Emporium, which is located at
If you are in the area be sure and stop by and say hi to sweet Laurie.
Laurie has all sorts of wonderful flea market finds and handmade items for sale...
Congratulations Laurie!


Enjoy the rest of your day!
I most likely won't be back blogging until the first part of May.
I have a few things I have to prepare for this month.
 I will  be getting a lot of new inventory in this month as well.  
Those items most likely won't be listed in the shop until the first week of May.

Take Care,


Peggy said...

What a wonderful Sunday dinner tradition! I think it is something we need to put into practice here as well as dressing the table. It is something that got lost over the years and I am discovering I miss it.

I won't be able to show my husband this post though.... all due to Rambo. You see he has wanted a Great Dane for as long as we have been married... right now we have a Newfoundland/malamute mix... in a cottage on 1/2 an acre. But maybe one of these days....

Once again thank you for sharing a little bit of your life and your shop with us! Looking forward to what's in your shop in May... we will have family out for graduation at the end of May so I will probably be picking a couple of things out before then.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous as usual! I always love your pictures and your table settings. So simple yet so charming. And I love sitting outside to eat, it was beautiful here in Sacramento on Easter also. Rambo is too cute! What does he think of the new puppies? I am looking forward to see the new items in the shop. Hope it's lucious linens! :-)

Jill Palumbo

Shannon said...

Beautiful table setting and I also look forward to making a delicious Sunday breakfast. I'll be sure to give those pancakes a try!
Love the pictures of your yard, I would die to have hydrangeas like that!!!
I'm having withdrawels not buying from your shop so I'll be looking forward to the beginning of May ;)

Sarah said...

great picturesm your home is beautiful!

Shannan Martin said...

I make the worst pancakes EVER. Your table looks so swoony, Maria! And your kids are adorbs.

Apple Blossom Barn said...

Hi Maria

I love your photographs they are so distinctive I always recognize yours on pinterest! I love your dog I have a Saint Bernard and there is no stopping him either, my lilacs are not out yet they remind me of childhood too that scent so lovely!

Take care

Irene b said...

So beautiful ! Today I really needed some dreamy inspirations.thank you my dear!
Kisses from tuscany
by me waiting for the first part of may

Anonymous said...

Beautiful patio!!: What is planted in the wood barrels? What plant is on the arbor? SS

Svenja said...

maria, those pancakes look too good, they look so fluffy.. i will try them!!
you are really blessed to live in such a beautiful house. i love your table decoration!
hugs from germany, svenja

Cindy said...

That has to be one of the most inviting tables i've ever seen, with your heavenly lilacs, and red ripe strawberries and pancakes. AND, your garden is amazing... it all looks to crazy good over there at your house...


Dreamy Whites said...

Thanks everyone for your kind comments, I truly appreciate all of you taking the time to comment on my post today!

We planted The New Dawn climbing roses on the arbor, there are hydrangeas planted in three of the wine barrels, and in the fourth wine barrel that is near the strawberry patch is a butterfly bush. We will be adding more wine barrels to this area this spring. I will take pictures this summer when everything is in full bloom.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Take Care,

Disenyoss decoraciĆ³n said...

Que envidia me das Maria, no sabes lo afortunada que eres por poder disfrutar de un sitio asi, Besos desde EspaƱa!!!


Gorgeous patio! Love that arbor and dining table.

Sarah said...

You have the most fabulous blog and I love the pictures outside your house - it looks like a really stunning area of CA that you are living in - you are very lucky! Take care - :-))

Julie Chen said...

Such beautiful photography Marla! Your home is beautiful! x Julie

Robynne's Nest said...

Lovely photos Maria, it looks like you live in paradise! Robx
p.s. that's what you call a dog!!

Ricki Treleaven said...

Your garden is looking so pretty! Thanks for posting the recipe. One of our favorite things is brunch on the weekends. Your table is simply gorgeous!


b.ellen said...

oh that patio ..makes me just want to sit & relax a bit.. and great timing to inspire me... we are getting ready to work on our patio. the finished product sounds delightful (:

Lovely photos of your kids and dog I love life in action sprinkled in.

Keeping It Cozy said...

Although I read every post, I don't typically comment, but I could not resist today. Your photos are so beautiful and inspiring and your patio is absolutely dreamy! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!

BAE said...

Just gorgeous, but how, oh how, do you expect me to wait until May to buy one of your grain sack totes!?!!?!? I've been drooling since I first saw them earlier this week and am getting dehydrated!!

Phillis said...

Love, love, love your blog!

Anonymous said...

LOVE your dreamy backyard Maria, especially the lovely trellis!!~
Your sweet pup Rambo is almost bigger than your kids, he is so cute! How is he getting along with your new little love? Has he gotten used to her yet?
Hope you have a lovely day!

A New England Life said...

Such delicious pictures! I love the table setting, and pancakes are one of my absolutely favorite foods!

Would you mind if I pinned the picture of the boxwood? I find it very inspirational for my own garden and arbor. For the past couple years I've been thinking about how I can work it into the front garden or walkway.

The kids and dog are so cute. The pictures of them running away are great because they show real life!


Heaven's Walk said...

Every time I visit here, Maria, I have to sigh. Your photos, your home, your garden, the views from your's truly heavenly! I don't think I've ever seen any outside pics of your house/garden, so this was truly a treat for me today!

And THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for the sweet and encouraging shout out today, my friend!! It was such a wonderful surprise to read at the end of your post! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! You're the best! ♥

xoxo laurie

twinkilingeyes said...

breakfast is my favorite meal of the whole day...and your pictures today are just delicious... pancake and coffee..yummmm

LissAnna said...

So lovely.:-) Stina

French Grey said...

I am never disappointed when I read your blog, but I loved this post! Your patio is truly an inspiration! I have always loved boxwoods and now I am more determined than ever to plant some! I hope they winter over okay in Montana!

Have a great weekend!


Just My Cup of Joe said...

We just returned today from Montana. My goodness Montana is beautiful. We not be sad if our daughter decides to attend University of Montana. Can't wait to visit again. Now I am off to try your pancake recipe.

Tiff said...

Thanks for the pancake recipe! Your table looks stunning as usual! X

LA VIE EN ROSE said...

In our house my husband does the waffles but I'm in charge of the pancakes - I always do blueberry buttermilk ones - it's a Sunday thing here as well! love your zinc jug and lilacs!


sweet harvest moon said...

So pretty! This how I want my perfect breakfast to look like!

I love to drink fresh orange juice in jars too ;)

Anonymous said...

LOVELY PICS:) I really like your blog and will happily follow. If you want some swedish decor inspiration, you can check out my blog:)
Have a great week.

LOVE Maria at

Anonymous said...

The photos of your family are beautiful! Love seeing pictures of your home life. Your patio and yard are gorgeous, too! How do you ever have time to do all of this (decorating, planting, etc) with five kids?!

Paula said...

Beautiful as ever! I just adore your lilacs in the zinc jug, and your terrace looks wonderful. I remember growing up and Sunday being our big breakfast morning after Church also. We'd stop off to buy a large crab at the fishmonger under the clock tower in town, and my dad would prepare it with fried plantain and salt fish cakes - West Indian style. I'd almost forgotten - thanks for bringing back some lovely memories!

Pura Vida said...

Your space is awesome, love looking at it!

Francesca said...

It sucks that Im TRYING to be on a diet, pancakes and waffles are my BIGGEST weakness (aside from nutella...but thats another story!) This looks absolutely delicious!

I am absolutely in love with your blog. I can't believe I had not gotten to it before. You're amazing.
Following you this minute!
Here is a link to my blog if you're curious and want to check it out:
stay in touch and stay awesome.

PS: Im hosting a giveaway with ROMWE! Join me!


Butterfly Lane said...

What truly gorgeous images, and the pancakes...well they look divine!

Tippy said...

You take amazing photos. They all look so free and pretty

Heather said...

so beautiful! you are such an inspiration! Lilacs are my favorite right now and I can't wait to use the little cases I bought from you for it!
Heather in Kalispell, MT

Brit said...

What a wonderful blog, Maria, and what a dream house in California. Greetings from France, xo, Britta

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful garden. I love your photos. Have a nice day :-)

arrielle_p said...

Wow! I have never seen so much green spring yard in a spring time.It is absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.

philippines properties for sale

nadia said...

i have come from stephmodo, your home is absolutely beautiful what a wonderful eye you have. I fully understand about white couches they are all over my house and i do think they are perfect even with two large dogs , cats and many visitors. I had to tell my friend Kimberly Taylor about your farm and the french bull dogs and she told me she knows you and i think that is perfect because she is incredible person! what i did want to say is that i had a dog just like yours markings and all, floppy ears( not pinned), his name was bogart and he was the sweetest big guy ever, people would stop me to ask what he was, mind you not what breed but more like "what is that". oh it brought tears to see your pal memories flooded back.

again i loved your home, linens and painted pieces, we share things in common except your talents spills over and makes us very lucky viewers! thank you again for opening your home to us.

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely blog and post. We are just barely into Spring here in Alaska and my lilacs won't bloom for another month, but I can make pancakes ~ sourdough is our favorite here, and they are so very good. Like your memory, our Sunday breakfast was made by my grandmother's brother - Uncle Freddie. Complete with lots of bacon, fried potatoes, sourdough pancakes and eggs, those Sunday morning extended family breakfasts are some of my dearest memories.

Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault